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Take a look at some of the most popular fishing adventures I offer right now
Swedish west coast

Sea Trout Swedish west coast

Welcome to one of the most beautiful parts of Sweden. The fjords around the Island of Orust on the Swedish west coast is just 70 kilometers north of Gothenburg and it offers an unique fishing experience.

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South and middle Sweden

Pike fishing South and middle Sweden

Sweden offers a wonderful variety of lakes and streams. Get ready to hunt some of the strongest and longest pikes Sweden can offer.

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Arctic Char, Trout, Grayling

Swedish Lapland Arctic Char, Trout, Grayling

In the mountain regions north of the polar circle and Kiruna you will find some of Swedens most beautiful wilderness areas. It´s right here, where you will find the most remote fishing places, that you will have the best chances to catch a wild arctic char, grayling or trout in trophy sizes.

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